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Megan Cooper January 11, 2019, 11:06 AM

For far too long, you’ve had to make the decision between comfort and style; stuck between uncomfortable denim, restricting slacks, or baggy sweatpants that truthfully, should never leave the house. Don’t you wish there was a single solution comfortable enough for indoor use AND stylish enough for outdoor use? Meet the All Day Every Day Pant, the perfect pair of pants no matter where the day takes you. We dug a little deeper into why so many men are making the switch to these new pants by startup Public Rec.

1. Raise the bar on quality fabric

A former investment banker spent 18 months designing these sweatpants that are nice enough to wear in public. Public Rec is using a high-quality nylon and spandex fabric blend that is 2-3x the cost of basic cotton fabrics that many other brands use for sweats. The result is an incredibly soft and super stretchy pair of pants that look great and last forever.

2. Indoor comfort, outdoor style

With a premium fabric and tailored fit, these pants work in almost any environment. Gym, airplane, couch, office, bar, the All Day Every Day Pant is truly multi-purpose. They’re great for travel, a quick workout in the morning, or just running errands on the weekend.

3. Custom-fitted

Public Rec pants come in specific waist and length measurements for the perfect fit (i.e. 32x32). The tapered legs will keep them looking fitted, while allowing you to display your kicks. Plus, there’s an elastic waistband with a drawstring that’ll make sure they fit just right. All Day Every Day.

4. Every detail considered

Hate it when stuff falls out of your pockets? So did Public Rec. So they built these pants for an active lifestyle with two front zipper pockets, deep enough to secure your valuables. The pants also have two generous back pockets for your wallet and accessories, tapered bottoms for a smart finish, and a faux front fly for a more formal look.

5. The numbers don't lie

Since Public Rec launched in 2015, they have blown the competition out of the water, cementing themselves as the go-to pant for comfort and style. They’ve sold over 100,000 pairs of the ADED Pant, had waitlists of over 2,000 people, and currently have over 1,500 5-star reviews for these pants.

6. Wash me!

Public Rec pants require zero extra steps for daily wrinkle-free style. No need for ironing or softeners. Just toss them in for a wash and you’re good to go. They won’t fade or shrink. Treat them like a pair of sweatpants and they’ll treat you like your new favorite pair of slacks.

7. Risk-free purchase

Public Rec is a risk-free brand, with FREE shipping on all orders, including returns and exchanges - no questions asked. Need a new size? Different color? No problem. They got you covered.

 Might as well give the company claiming to have the most comfortable, stylish, everyday and everywhere pants a chance, right? You’ve got nothing to lose.