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About Us

At Public Rec, we make leisurewear for everywhere.
It’s indoor comfort meets outdoor style. Apparel with a place and purpose, in every wardrobe.
The All Day Every Day Pant. The Go-To Tee. The Crosstown Bomber. The Pro Pack. And more.
We perfect the classics with custom-made performance fabric.
A tailored fit. And design details that elevate ‘good’ to unquestionably better.
The result? Effortless, go-to staples that take you everywhere, every day.


"Sweatpants are often associated with sloppy style...Public Rec is a clothing startup aiming to change that with a dressed-up men's sweatpant..."

"Instead of giving up on the concept of wearing soft, comfy pants in public, the company decided to create a better sort of pants for men."