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Holiday Bundles

The Go-To's

Simply, the softest Tee and Henley you'll own.
Perfect for lounging at home or grabbing a drink with friends.

Purchase 1 Go-To Henley and 1 Go-To Tee: $118 ($14 savings)
Enter discount code GOTO at checkout


The Holiday Gift Pack

Your one stop shop for holiday gifts for all the men in your life.
Mix and match sizes and colors for gifts for friends and family. 

Purchase 3 Go-To Henleys: $198 ($36 savings)
Enter discount code GIFTPACK at checkout


The Weekender

Running errands, going to the movies, or traveling for a quick getaway, our tops are the ultimate weekend attire.

Purchase 1 Crosstown Bomber, 1 Go-To Henley, and 1 Go-To Tee: $218 ($42 savings)
Enter discount code WEEKENDER at checkout


The Full Kit

No matter the occasion, the Full Kit has you covered with casual comfort.
Purchase 1 Crosstown Bomber, 1 All Day Every Day Pant, 1 Go-To Henley and 1 Go-To Tee: $298 ($57 savings)
Enter discount code FULLKIT at checkout


*If you'd like to purchase multiple bundles, you can place separate orders or place one order with all of your desired bundles and email us at support@publicrecapparel.com to receive a refund after purchase (bundles available to December 18th)*