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These pants are so insanely popular, the company sold 100,000 pairs in two years

Amanda Johnson February 09, 2019, 10:17 AM

When a college student’s love affair with sweatpants grew to every day measures, the search for a balance between exceptional comfort and respectable style arose. What makes the perfect sweatpant? And why can’t we have that?

So, he started Public Rec. Former investment banker, Zach Goldstein, crafted a company that would change the game by providing the perfect sweatpant for all men, everywhere: the All Day Every Day Pant.

It didn’t take long for society to fall in love with this perfect sweatpant. Since Public Rec launched in 2015, they have blown the competition out of the water, cementing themselves as the go-to pant for comfort and style. They’ve sold over 100,000 pairs of the ADED Pant, had waitlists of over 2,000 people, and currently have a cult following with over 1,500 5-star reviews.

Then All Day Every Day Pant was created with the intention of providing a more comfortable alternative to jeans and a more stylish alternative to sweatpants. Public Rec nailed their mission in developing comfort that doesn't sacrifice style, reinventing men’s apparel in a way no one has before.

After hammering out 8 rounds of prototypes, and months of sourcing the right fabric to develop an ultra-soft synthetic blend of nylon and spandex, the perfect pant was created.

So, why do all men love these pants so much?

For starters, the All Day Every Day Pant solves a lot of unwanted problems while staying true to its mission. It is no secret that men don’t feel comfortable wearing sweatpants in public. Let’s face it, society’s standards go against pants that are too baggy, too long, or too faded. They can drag, fray at the bottoms, and ultimately make respectable social interactions difficult.

That is why Public Rec has developed a “moisture-wicking, durable pant with a tailored fit and aesthetic design.”

Long over are the days where sweatpants are solely small, medium, and large. The ADED Pant is sized like jeans and dress pants. Just order your desired waist and inseam to ensure the perfect tailored fit. Public Rec doesn’t just stop there. The drawstring, waistband and pockets are made for optimal comfort. Also, the front pockets have zippers to keep your valuables secure.

Going beyond just an amazing fit, customers appear to love the product calling it “excellent quality” and “extremely comfortable” in the countless reviews made on Public Rec’s website.

“These are, without question, the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever slipped on. Always on the go... packed with comfort, yet capable of wearing in ‘public.’ Crushed it with this design! Keep it up!” one reviewer wrote.

Public Rec makes the best technical leisure pants for men. Indoor comfort and outdoor style will give you the confidence you need in whatever you’re doing. Why settle for one, when you can have both. Don't believe me? Try a pair with free shipping, exchanges and returns. If you don't love 'em, just send them back.